A series of critical responses and online works that consider and provide valuable commentary on key themes within the Rule of 3 curatorial project.

'The Specter of Derrida'

'The Specter of Derrida' was directed by artist Mike Chavez-Dawson in response to 'Rule of Three'.

Credits: Co-direction, DOP, editor and post-production: Paul Wright; Audio: written, produced and performed by Stratton Barrett & Jah Wobble under Chavez-Dawsons direction. Jacque Derrida played by George Cumine, Styling: Romy Richardson, Catering: Iris Cumine. Subtitles: Len Horsey (Derived from accompanying text) Accompanying Text: Dr John Rowe (In response to a fish bowl discussion group with Rule of 3 participating artists: Jane Lawson, Hannah Leighton-Boyce, Rachel Pursglove, curators: Matthew Pendergast and Jeni Holt Wright. Led by Chavez-Dawson, devised in collaboration with Jane Chavez-Dawson)

Special thanks to: Islington Mill, Bill Campbell, Maurice Carlin, Franz Otto Novotny, Otto Agency and all involved.

Dedicated to: Arya Nagarjuna